• Our classes are taught in a fun and friendly environment. WingTjun is one of the most advanced forms of self defence around today. We borrow the strength from the attacker. Making it a difficult task for them to land a punch or kick.

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  • Give your child the gift of self defence, increase confidence, make new friends and learn respect. Whilst at the same time teaching them the important skills of self defence.

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  • At our classes you will learn to become more relaxed and use your inner power to increase your self defence skills. Our internal training is one of the most advanced around in the area.

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  • 2 weeks free at WingTjun Martial Arts Hemel Hempstead

    • Adults Martial Art Classes

      WingTjun martial arts is one of the most recognised forms of self defence around today. Taught to many of Elite Agencies and special forces around the world, including the CIA and FBI. Enrol now for 2 weeks free training.

      Our grading program take you through, kicking, punching, knees, elbows, anti-grappling, ground fighting. Advanced forms: Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Tze and the WingTsun Wooden Dummy.

    • Benefits of training with WingTsun Martial Arts Hemel Hempstead

      • We have a student grading syllabus.
      • Your child will improve concentration and do better at school.
      • The classes are fun and enjoyable, with martial art games.
      • We have a word of the week and creed which we say during class.
      • Your child will learn life skills and self defence techniques.
      • 2 weeks free training is available to try our classes.
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